The Backshop

Who We Are

We are steam people, with more than twenty-five years of full-size steam excursion service. We understand steam engines and are here to help you. Keeping customers on track and turning customers into friends reinforce the great social aspect of camaraderie in this hobby.

With all the great live steam and outdoor railroad clubs and tracks located around the country and world today, families are offered the opportunity to travel and experience what the world has to offer while enjoying their hobby together. It guarantees a fun hands-on experience because there is always something for everyone to do at a large meet.


Whether you embark on building a live steam locomotives, constructing your own diesel from our supply of parts, buying a used engine, simply building a riding car, or just visiting a track, we are sure that you’ll have a great experience and want more of the hobby.

Over the past several years we have noticed increased participation by younger enthusiasts and families in this fantastic hobby. This is a welcome sight and needed addition to help ensure the health of our hobby. The Backshop is committed to helping these younger and less experienced enthusiasts get on track. We want to remind the more advanced members of the slogan ‘Each One Teach One’ when it comes to encouraging our newer members. The best way to learn is by doing.


Personally, I derive great enjoyment from traveling with my friends, both old and new, and playing trains. These have been a great stress reliever and some of the best and most rewarding times of my life.

I sincerely hope this hobby will reward you as it has me!